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Downey is a unique community in the heart of Southern California that combines the best of both large and small. We are an active city of 111,772 with a small town atmosphere. This is a place of pride, history, involvement, and community. We are highly recognized for our centralized location, top medical facilities, quality residential neighborhoods and schools, excellent golf courses, and an unmatched family lifestyle. In fact, Downey has been rated in the top 25% of “100 Best Cities To Do Business in California” by California Business Magazine. Downey’s winning formula can be the key to your business success or family lifestyle. Come discover Downey, the place where America began its journey to the stars. Downey sport leagues

By 1784, ten Spanish missions and four pueblos had been established along the California coast. These frontier outposts, a day’s journey apart, formed the links to the development of the ranchos when Mexico gained independence from Spain in 1821. The institutions of law and order gradually brought the Native Americans, frontiersmen and Spanish settlers into some semblance of peaceful coexistence. Downey sport leagues

Part of the lands under the jurisdiction of the San Gabriel Mission, established in 1771, was the Los Nietos Grant. Juan Nieto, an ex-solder, was granted provisional use, in 1784, of 300,000 acres of prime Southern California ranch land. In 1834, after the division among the Nieto heirs, a portion of this grant, between the banks of the San Gabriel and Rio Hondo Rivers, became the Rancho Santa Gertrudes. In 1873, a 96-acre parcel of Rancho Santa Gertrudes became the central district of a community called “Downey City”.

The town derived its name from John Gately Downey, an Irish immigrant who had come to California during the Gold Rush, and succeeded to Governor of California. He helped build the economic foundation of Southern California, effecting a transition from open cattle range to an agricultural district of small farms. Downey was among the first to subdivide the vast ranchos into farms. Downey sport leagues