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Volitude Sports has been serving Southern California with well organized and competitive Kickball Leagues near Torrance, CA for over 10 years! Leagues are offered almost every day of the week. Come join Southern California’s Premiere Adult Kickball League with most games being played at locations close to home or work. Join our next upcoming Beach Kickball League near Torrance today!

kickball league Torrance

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Kickball, originally called “Kick Baseball”, but may also be known as base soccer, soccer-base or soccer-baseball. It is essentially baseball using a playground ball instead of a baseball and bat. Kickball is currently a playground, recreational and competitive league game primarily played in North America. It is also a favorite game of youth in South Korea where it is known as balyagu (foot-baseball) and is a stable of PE classes within elementary schools. Kickball league Torrance.

Kickball was invented around 1917 by Nicholas C Seuss, Supervisor of Cincinnati Park Playgrounds, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Starting around 1920 kickball was used by physical education teachers to teach children the basics of baseball. Kickball league Torrance CA.

As in baseball, one team tries to score by having its players return a ball from home base to the field and then circle the bases, while the other team tries to stop them by tagging them “out” with the ball before they can return to the home base. Instead of hitting a small, hard ball with a bat, players kick an inflated rubber ball; this makes it more accessible to young children. As in baseball, teams alternate half-innings. The team with the most runs after a predefined number of innings wins. Kickball league Torrance.

Kickball is a popular playground game and is typically played among young, school-age children.[citation needed] The lack of both specialized equipment and highly skill-based positions (like pitcher) makes the game an accessible introduction to other sports. It is just as popular among adults, who are more commonly known to play similar games like softball and baseball.[citation neededKickball league.

Around 1920–1921 “Kick Ball” was used by physical education teachers in public schools to teach young boys and girls the basics of baseball. Around this time, the ball that was used was a soccer ball or volleyball. It was played by ten to thirty players and the field included a “Neutral Zone”: an area not to be entered until the ball has actually been kicked. There was no pitcher as the ball would be kicked from the home area, which was a 3 ft circle. The ball must pass beyond the 5 foot line. Base-runners could only advance one base on infield balls. Teams would switch sides only after all team members have kicked.[3] Kickball league Torrance CA.

The objective of kickball is to win by scoring more runs than the opposing team, thus kicking (or offensive) strategy is very important. Assuming the rules allow bunting, one popular strategy for putting runners in scoring position is to place fast kickers, particularly those with the ability to bunt the ball in specific directions, near the top of the line-up. Using this strategy, a team might put a fast player who can bunt down the third base line first in the line-up. That player would bunt down the third base line, forcing either the third baseman, the pitcher, or the catcher to field the ball and throw the runner out at first base. This is an optimal play with no outs and no players on base because throwing the ball from third to first base accurately is difficult. A well-placed bunt on the ground also removes the opportunity for the defense to catch the ball in the air for an easy out and can create fielding confusion between the third baseman, the pitcher and the catcher. The runner would then advance as far as their kick and the opposing team’s defensive play allows him or her to advance. The next kicker would take stock of the base to which the first kicker has advanced and would try to kick the ball to a place that will maximize the first runner’s ability to advance and the second kicker’s ability to get on base safely. For instance, if the first kicker is on first base, the second kicker might also kick down the third base line. This would give both kickers a good chance of safely advancing to the next base. Beach Kickball League near Torrance.

Ideally, a team would have runners on base and fewer than two outs once three to four kickers have kicked following this bunting strategy. At that point in the line-up, it is advantageous to place one or two kickers who can kick the ball into the outfield. The time it takes to field a ball from the outfield will ideally allow runners on base to score, even if the ball is caught in the outfield. Kickball League Torrance.

As interest grew, organizations such as the World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA) were formed. WAKA was founded in 1998 in Washington DC when four recent college graduates were drinking at a bar and were discussing ways to meet women. They settled on the idea of launching a sports league that mixes athletics and socializing. They picked kickball since it requires little athletic skill and is unlikely to injure anybody. By 2002, the league had grown so big that the four founders registered it as a for-profit corporation in Virginia. In the summer of 2005, the association helped set up a league for Marines stationed in Falluja — the Iraq Semper Fi Division. As of 2011, WAKA has leagues in more than 30 states, 40,000 players in 2,000 teams in 200 divisions. Kickball league Torrance CA.

WAKA was founded in Washington, D.C., in 1998 and now has leagues in over 35 states, as well as in countries such as India. The World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA) was named one of America’s fastest growing private companies by Inc. Magazine in September 2010. WAKA holds seasonal kickball divisions across the nation. Divisional winners are invited to the annual World Kickball Championship called the Founder’s Cup in Las Vegas each October. The Charities are also a staple of the WAKA experience. Each division is encouraged to participate in at least one charitable event each season. WAKA kickball leagues are located everywhere across the United States.

WAKA Founders Cup, this auspicious tournament takes place every year in Las Vegas under the yearly Wakapalooza, the organization’s biggest social co-ed League festival. Seventy-two teams take part in a three day event through pool(round robin)and knockout competitions to determine the national champion of kickball. Kickball league Torrance, CA.


Beach Kickball League in my area – Los Angeles and Orange County Beach Kickball Leagues

VOLITUDE BEACH KICKBALL LEAGUE @ Granada Beach in Belmont Shore / Long Beach

Spring and Summer Kickball Leagues are offered on Friday Nights with games between 6:00pm – 7:30pm

  • 9v9 (min 4 girls) Coed Kickball On The Sand
  • Standard Coed Kickball Rules Apply (10″ Playground Ball)
  • Games are played Friday Evenings (6:00pm-7:30pm) at Granada Beach in Long Beach
  • Sign up a Team (min 12/Team), as an Individual Player, or with a Group of Friends
  • Automatic Home Run Line in Outfield Depths to Reward Power Kickers!
  • 7 Weeks of Games including Playoffs
  • Team Dri-Fit League Shirts Included
  • Sponsor Bar Discounts, Side contests, Prizes, Giveaways
  • New Friends, and Much More!

League SOCIALS at our sponsor bar Panama Joe’s on 2nd St. after games!

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